The must see places

The Landes and the Basque country, territories of wide-open spaces, invite you to discover its natural sites, its curiosities and its heritage.

LEON - 20 minutes by bus - 45 minutes by bike via the Vélodyssée

The LEON Pond and the surrounding marshes constitute an original environment compared to the “pignada”. Its wetlands are rich in plant and animal species that are rare on a European scale.

The pond provides an interesting site in the migration of waterbirds from western Europe. Like the Huchet Current, half of the pond is classified as a nature reserve. All boats and various motor vehicles are naturally prohibited there.

The Courant d’Huchet connects Lac de Léon to the ocean. The site was classified as a nature reserve in 1981. It was discovered in 1908 by Gabriele D’Annunzio, an Italian writer exiled for a while in Arcachon.

Later, around 1920, Maurice Martin, journalist, and writer, made him known throughout France.

The current begins in three branches, where you find the last yellow water lilies. The swamp is of great botanical richness, with the Osmonde Royale, the Karebs used to reshuffle chairs, Sagittarius among others.

The current then passes through the trap, the fisherman’s hut near the dam is still in use. Here is the domain of the otter, the European mink or the pond turtle, all protected species. Pink hibiscuses bloom in summer, bald cypress trees brought from Louisiana by a wealthy landowner, amateur botanist, show off their aerial roots, which let the tree breathe when the needles have fallen.

DAX - 30 minutes by bus

  • La Fontaine Chaude or source of the Nèhe: a true symbol of the resort, it has a hot water flow of 64 °, 2,400,000 liters per day.
  • The Gallo-Roman ramparts from the 4th century.
  • The archaeological crypt which houses the remains of a 2nd century Gallo-Roman temple.
  • Notre-Dame Cathedral: magnificent ogival door known as the “Apostles” (13th century), organ case from the 17th century, stalls, and paintings from the 16th century.
  • The Borda museum: housed in the Chapel of the former Carmelite convent (1523) – Themed exhibitions from the museum’s collections and contemporary artists.
  • The Army and Helicopter Light Aviation Museum: collections of photos, memorabilia, airplanes, and helicopters.
  • The Georgette Dupouy museum: 60 works by this French painter (1901 – 1992) + temporary exhibitions of paintings and sculptures.
  • Sarrat park: French landscaped garden. Natural conservatory – Shrubs, trees, and rare plants.

CAPBRETON - 30 minutes by bus

Typically Landes style, the architecture of Capbreton seduces with its originality and colors. While strolling in the center, you will be able to discover houses of the 15th century, like the Brebet or Médus. They have recently been converted into a House of Orality and Heritage. Listed as an historic monument, the Maison du Rey also dates from the 15th century, and would have housed the living room of the future Henri IV at the end of the 16th century.

The Church of St. Nicholas, originally built in the 16th century, has been listed as a Historic Monument. The basic building was replaced in the 19th century by a larger building but still houses a melted bell at the end of the 15th century which once belonged to a Templar chapel..

Symbol of the resort, the pier is a popular jetty for locals and tourists. It offers a beautiful point of view on the sea and a beautiful animation at the height of the summer season.. It is due to the renovation projects of the port of Napoleon III. Razed to the ground during WWII bombings, it has been completely rebuilt and today stretches nearly 190 meters in length.

BAYONNE - 40 minutes by bus

Do you want to know more about the Basque identity? Meet in the Dagourette house, a historic monument dating from the end of the 16th century, located on the Quai des Corsaires on the banks of the Nive, in downtown Bayonne.

Here, since 1922, an important and fascinating ethnographic collection has been assembled, retracing the entire history of the Basque Country and its culture through the centuries.

The Basque Museum, “Euskal museoa”, is organized on three levels and offers around twenty rooms for visitors to visit.

BIARRITZ - 45 minutes by bus

City of the Ocean

-Virtual on

-The secret ocean in 3D

-Virtual trip to the exhibition


-Seals meal commented by a trainer

-the song of the whales, comfortably installed in an acoustic chair in front of a screen.

Chocolate Museum

SABRES - 1 hour by bus

In the heart of the Landes forest, set off to meet the unmissable Grande Lande ecomuseum which is made up of three visit sites: the Marquèze district, in Sabres, a district of the Grande Lande reconstituted as it is Was in the 19th century; the Luxey Softwood Products Workshop, a former pine resin distillation workshop; the museum of religious heritage and popular beliefs, located inthe Notre-Dame de Moustey Moustey.

Accessible only by train from Sabres station, the Quartier de Marquèze brings together around the airial – a vast lawn shaded by oaks – mansions, farms, sheepfolds, bread ovens and a water mill , which bear witness to the agro-pastoral system and rural life in the Landes in the 19th century. Opposite the Sabers station, the Pavillon de Marquèze invites you to discover, through its permanent exhibition, the history of the development of the Landes de Gascogne.

On foot from the Bella Vista center

1 HENDAIA school surf initiation

2 Coastal rescue initiation, LES CORSAIRES school

3 Wave ski, stand-up paddle, kayak, Hawaiian canoe Arteka Océan

4 First scuba diving or underwater hike From 8 years old, departing from Hendaye and after a boat trip, get in the water !!! with the Base Fédérale Hendaye.

5 Basque pelota initiation, Basque force, txalaparta, yesteryear games and giant games EUSKAL EVASION comes on site (really cheap)

6 Association EUSKADIKO LAGUNAKwww.
Country storyteller, in agreement with an association the friends of the Basque country which brings together several independent tourist guides! We can organize bus tours for groups and themed evenings on the Basque country and the Santiago de Compostela routes: stories, conferences, slide shows, quotes on request.

7 Spi en Tête offers, discovery cruises of the Basque coast on sailboats. Conquer the seascapes: breathtaking view of the cliffs of the Corniche going towards the bay of St Jean de Luz, nature diving on the virgin slope of Jaizkibel towards Spain …

8 Abaddia Castle
Hike from Bella Vista Center to Abaddia Estate via Corniche House.

9 Basque pelota initiation, Basque force, txalaparta, yesteryear games and giant games EUSKAL EVASION comes on site attractive prices

10 Crossing by boat 20 minutes to reach the village of Hondarribia (picturesque Spanish village)

11 Hiking, the coastal path “la corniche” which connects Hendaye to Saint Jean de Luz.

12 Hiking, Greenway: Le Chemin de la Baie. This Greenway runs along the ocean, then xingoudy Bay, then Bidassoa, and offers a magnificent walk for pedestrians and cyclists, usually on two parallel paths. An 880m section is built on stilts over the river.

20 min or more by bus from Bella Vista

1 City of the Ocean in Biarritz

2 Biarritz Aquarium

3 Pepper workshop in Espelette

4 Chocolate Museum in Biarritz

5 WowPark: The Largest Adventure Leisure Park in the Basque Located in the heart of 18 hectares of abundant nature, we come with family or friends to climb the cabins perched more than 18m above the ground in the middle of a century-old forest.

6 Visit and tasting of the PARIES Basque cake making workshops

7Visit of Saint Jean de Luz

8 The little train of La Rhune

9 The prehistoric caves of Sare allow visitors to discover the origins of the Basque people and their mythology thanks to the work of anthropologist José-Miguel de Barandiaran.

10 EVASION at Itxassou The Evasion team is happy to welcome you to the most beautiful course in the Nive. You will discover the legendary Gorges du Pas de Roland for a half-day or full-day rafting activity with grilled meals included.

11 San Sebastian Science Museum

12 visit to San Sebastian city of culture 2016 La Concha beach, the old town, Monte Igueldo and its funicular, Monte Urgull Possibility to take el Topo (TER) at the Hendaye station for San Sebastian

13 Guided tours in Hondarribia Unmissable historic district, fishermen’s quarter, Guadeloupe fort (military fortress from the end of the 19th century), small panoramic train Route of the green train: Duration: approximately 50 minutes.

14 Cambo les Bains Edmond Rostand, the author of Cyrano de Bergerac et l’Aiglon, who came to Cambo for treatment, had the sumptuous and famous villa “Arnaga” built there..

15 Guggenheim Museum 1h30 by bus

16 Visit Guernica, Spain The city of Guernica was made famous around the world by Pablo Picasso’s painting. The notoriety of the city is also due to its political importance, with the Guernica Tree which marks the site of the autonomy of the Basque people during the Middle Ages. The city also has two museums, the Euskal Herria Museum and the Peace.