A little history, our state of mind
That is what characterizes us

It is necessary to go back to 1932
to find the origin of the Association "Les Compagnons des Belles Etapes"

C.B.E Horizon, Convivality and sharing

“Les Compagnons des Belles Etapes"

In 1932, an association “ Le Patronage du Livre Parisien” was created within the “Syndicat du Livre” whose president was rotativist worker, Marcel MAILLOT. He would organize, for the children of the journal, patronage activities on thrusdays and Sundays and, in summer, holidays associations in France.

In 1951, Marcel MAILLOT, faced with the influx of settlers and the lack of financial resources of the Book, created another association, “L’HORIZON”, whose administrative structure is made up of representatives of important Works Councils such as Pathé Marconi, SITA, SKF, La SAMARITAINE, KODAK PATHE… of which he is also the President HORIZON acquires land or property.
We find these 2 associations at the same head office in Paris.

In 1960, Marcel MAILLOT, tries his 3rd experience by creating a new association “Les compagnons des Belles Etapes” of which he is also the President.

It is no longer a question of keeping teenagers in a fixed camp for a month, but of sending them in small groups of about twenty abroad to camp or youth hostels. Thus, in 1965, about sixty circuits were organized

In 1990, the real estate complex had 16 centers plus the headquarters in Paris. But the era of summer camps is beginning to lose its vitality. From year to year, the number of filling days decreases. There are many reasons for this: aid to families in decline, declining purchasing power, changes in society, greater individualism, greater demand for comfort, hygiene and safety, with an ageing heritage.

In 2006, following the change of President and the management team, an administrative restructuring is decided: the merger of the 2 associations: CBE-HORIZON was born…

We want to offer quality services in an educational and associative project around living together. We favor human relations, encounters, exchanges, sharing, conviviality, comfort, mutual enrichment.

The attachment to the Ministry of Social Cohesion brings us, as managers (directors and permanent employees), a hopein
recognition of the work accomplished by our predecessors while encouraging us to invest in the establishment of a different consideration of the needs in particular of young people, but also of the family as a whole. .